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Call for International or Interuniversity Internship (Grant Program)

The VCO Network is relying on the valuable contributions of a national research community of more than 34 principal investigators and 40 Master’s/PhD students & Postdoctoral fellows (PDF) from 15 Canadian universities. Through the funding of VCO student/PDF internships, this grant program aims to foster research collaboration with researchers abroad or VCO researchers located in another Canadian university.


This grant program will promote new research collaborations between VCO researchers and researchers abroad or located in another Canadian university and strengthen existing collaborations, through the funding of VCO student/PDF international or interuniversity internships.


A first $28,000 is budgeted for the period of May 2013 to April 2014. Additional funding will be considered depending on the quality of the applications.


  • Internships should establish new research collaborations or strengthen existing ones between the PDF/student’s research team and researchers abroad or with VCO researchers located in another Canadian university.
  • Internships should take place abroad or in a Canadian university member of the VCO Network and must be completed by April 31, 2015.
  • A presentation (e.g. seminar, conference, scientific poster) of the research work of the student/PDF must be delivered during its internship.
  • Allowed grant by VCO Network is up to $7,000 per internship and the PDF/student’s research team should provide an additional grant of ≥30 % of the total fund. The funds should be exclusively allocated for expenses associated with the internship (e.g. airline ticket, accommodation).
  • Application will be evaluated by the Steering Committee of the VCO Network.
  • Student/PDF commits to submit an internship report within two months following the end of their internship.


If you need more information or wish to indicate your interest in this regard, please contact the VCO Network Liaison Manager at:

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