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Articles dans une publication avec comité de lecture

Mansoornejad, B., Chambost, V., Stuart, P. (2010) "Integrating product portfolio design and supply chain design for the forest biorefinery". Computers & Chemical Engineering, Volume 34, Number 9, September 2010, p. 1497-1506.
Vahid, S. and Maness, T. (2010) "Modelling customer demands in forest products industry supply chains: a review of the literature". International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling. 6(2):103 – 114.

PrĂ©sentation Ă  l'occasion de confĂ©rence (InvitĂ©  ou non-invitĂ©)

D’Amours, S. (2010) "Canada’s shift from forest management to value chain management". Wildland Fire Canada, Kitchener, Canada. October 2010.
D’Amours, S. (2010) "Opportunities in Value Chain Optimization". FPInnovations, Montréal, Canada. December 2010.
D’Amours, S. (2010) "When the Supply Chain Gets Greener". International Conference in Logistics and Supply Chain, Casablanca, Maroc. Avril 2010.
D'Amours, S. (2010) "Can Value Chain Optimization Help the Canadian Forest Products Industry?" Departmental seminar, Génie industriel, Université de Concordia, Montréal, Canada. March 2010.
Bouchard M., Ouhimmou M., Nourelfath M. (2010) Robust network design under demand uncertainty, 3rd International Conference on Information Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain: Creating value through green supply chains, ILS 2010 – Casablanca (MAROC), 14-16 avril 2010.
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