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The key objectives of the proposed research are the following:

  • Support decision-makers in their effort to design new and optimized sustainable forest bioeconomy networks.
  • Increase value gain from forest and asset utilization by developing decision support tools for integrating the whole value chain.
  • Improve competitiveness through a structured and coherent implementation of new and optimized value propositions and business models.
  • Improve agile execution and value capture throughout the business networks.
  • Develop a culture of analytical decision-making in the forest bioeconomy.

In developing methods and solutions to meet these objectives, Network researchers will contribute to science and engineering knowledge by developing advanced methods for designing and planning complex forest value chains. The outcomes of the research will include new contributions in the following domains:

  • Designing resilient and sustainable forest value chains and business models.
  • Planning large-scale, multi-objective and stochastic forest value chains.
  • Planning distributed and collaborative forest value chains.
  • Designing proactive and agile logistics and manufacturing systems for the forest value chains.
  • Designing a knowledge-based framework for forest value chain integration (e.g., spatial, temporal, decisional).
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