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Associate Students

Call for Associate Students (Grant Program)

The VCO Network aims to be inclusive with the whole research community in the field of VCO applied to forest bioeconomy networks. A Grant Program for Associate Students is now open for submissions. This grant aims to support students not funded by the VCO Network to take part in the VCO Network’s activities, mainly the Summer School, workshops and FIBRE activities. For a complete description and application form, see the Call for Associate Students.

Achille B. Laurent
Université Laval

Director: Sophie D'Amours
Project: Support model for forestry company’s strategic decision based on consequential life cycle assessment

Cassia Sanzida Baten
Lakehead University

Director: Reino Pulkki
Project: Socio-Economic Impacts of Woody Biomass Based Bioenergy Development at the Atikokan Power Generating Station: Local Perceptions and Public Opinions

Dieudonné Romaric Batsy
École Polytechnique de Montréal

Director: Paul Stuart
Project: Impact of Climate Change Policy Scenarios as well as other Scenarios in the Selection of Sustainable Forest Biorefinery Stratégies



Fattane Nadimi
University of British Columbia

Director: Gary Bull
Project: Truck scheduling and dispatching for woodchips delivery from multiple sawmills to a pulp mill


GĂ©raldine Gemieux
Université de Montréal
Director: Bernard Gendron
Project: Integrating annual harvest scheduling, transportation and inventory management


Greg Rix
École Polytechnique de Montréal

Director: Louis-Martin Rousseau
Project: Transportation-Driven Optimization in Tactical Wood Procurement Planning


Gregory Paradis
Université Laval

Director: Luc LeBel
Project: Synchronizing long- and short-term forest management planning processes

Kamel Moad
Université Laval

Director: Luc LeBel
Project: " Collaborative management of supply chains in forest-wood"

Mahdi Mobini
University of British Columbia

Director: Taraneh Sowlati
Project: Analysis of forest biomass supply chains

Nicolas Mansuy
Natural Resources Canada
Canadian Forest Services

Director: Evelyn Thiffault
Project: Biomass for Bioenergy from Managed Forests through the Value Chain: Modelling Availability as a Function of Ecological and Industrial Drivers

Patrick GĂ©rard Mbassegue
École de Technologie Supérieure ETS)

Director: Gregory Huet
Project: Proposition de recherche relative au développement d’une méthode et des métriques pour l’évaluation des retombées des projets de recherche du Réseau VCO auprès des entreprises participantes.

Saeed Ghafghazi
Queen's University

Director: Gary Bull
Project: Logistics and operations simulation of logging debris supply for bioenergy production

Sean Pledger
University of British Columbia

Director: Gary Bull
Project: Optimal Procurement Strategy for the Transport of Logging Debris for Bioenergy Generation

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