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Call for Transfer Project (program now close for submission)
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This program intends to give researchers access to additional funding to support the transfer of their research results to partner(s) in industry, governments or FPInnovations. These transfer activities are part of the VCO Network transfer plan and its mission to transform the Canadian forest industry and increase its competitiveness. All research projects within or complementary/relevant to the VCO Network are welcome and eligible for funding.


A maximum grant of $10,000, over a period ranging from four to six months, will be awarded to cover the direct project costs associated with the transfer activities. Project proposals must be focused on specific short-term objectives and clearly identify the outcomes and impacts to the Canadian forest industry (economic, social and environmental) and particular ly to the partner(s). The proposal must show how the research team (primarily the principal investigator) and the partner(s) scientific/technical staff will work together to ensure that the knowledge/technology will be transferred effectively.

Transfer activities include case studies, testing and demonstration of decision support systems, validation of approaches and models, etc. The partners should state how they will work to obtain the knowledge, use the methods or the DSS (i.e. supporting letter). The partners will be invited to allocate funding, eitherin-kind or cash, to permit the realization of feasible and successful projects. At the minimum, an in-kind contribution from the company, reflecting their involvement in the project, is required. The projects could be realized by researchers or internship students.

Other research grant programs may contribute to increase the funding of a transfer  project and we strongly recommend that applicants evaluate them (e.g. NSERC Engage, Mitacs Accelerate/Globalink). Additional support is also available for transfer projects conducted in partnership with FPInnovations researcher(s) and, in priority, FPInnovations members. More specifically, granted contributions by the Value  Maximization and Decision Support (VMDS) program are:

  • 15,000$ (1month) in-kind involvement by FPI researcher(s);
  • funds for travelling expenses;
  • in-kind involvement by FPI computer programmer(s).

To foster the interactions, the preferable option to conduct the transfer project from an FPInnovations office.The three main areas of the VMDS program are: i) better fibre quality from the forest; ii) improve products flow efficiency and, iii) agile manufacturing. For an overview of the VMDS program, see the webinar presented by the Research Manager Jean Favreau. Transfer projects in collaboration with FPInnovations researcher(s) are highly recommended. For a principal investigator that has never collaborated with FPInnovations (or any other partner), there is an opportunity to apply for an NSERC Engage Grant (up to $25,000 for a project of up to six months). In such a case, application for the NSERC Engage Grant must come first.

Application Process

Applicants are invited to submit a full Transfer Project Proposal (click to download the proposal form in a WORD document) that describes the research results to transfer, the main steps, deliverables/outcomes and the involvement of each partner. To qualify for the grant, each project proposal must involve at least one Canadian partner.

Note that there is no deadline for submission. Up to three projects per year will be funded till 2015.

Target Areas

The VCO Network aims to provide the industry and policy makers with new advanced planning and decision support systems to design and deploy optimized forest bioeconomy networks. The decision-making processes, from strategic to operational, as well as the implementation processes are studied within the VCO Network. Designs of innovative, agile and integrated logistics and manufacturing systems are also part of the program. Below are the main research themes of the VCO Network research program:

  • Integrated forest and industry strategies for the modern bioeconomy
  • Integrated Value Chain
  • Value optimizing scheduling and control
  • Knowledge representation for agent-based and sectormodelling

Additional information about the VCO Network research program can be found at the Network’s web site.

Selection Criteria

Applications are evaluated by the VCO Network Steering Committee according to the following criteria:

  • Contribution to transfer plan: The proposal must identify how the research team (principal investigator and his collaborators) and the company's scientific/technical staff will work together to ensure that the knowledge/technology will be transferred effectively to the partner(s).
  • Relevance: The proposal must clearly identify and describe the research results to transfer, the benefits for each partner and how each partner will exploit the results within a reasonable time frame.
  • Impact on the Canadian forest industry: In addition to the relevance, the applicant must describe any additional economic, social and environmental benefits  that could be realized in the Canadian forest industry.

Eligible Expenses

Since this program aims to transfer research results, resources should be concentrated exclusively toward the transfer and collaboration with the partner(s). We expect that the funds will be used to hire internship students, cover travelling expenses, acquire equipment and software, etc.


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