Mémoires de maîtrise

Master's Thesis

Alvaro Gil
École Polytechnique de Montréal
Master's Thesis: Log Classification in the Hardwood Timber Industry: Method and Value Analysis.
Director: Jean-Marc Frayret

Andrew B. Martin

Dalhousie University
Master's Thesis: A Linear Programming Framework for Models of Forest Management Strategy.
Director: Eldon Gunn

Momen Elleuch

Université Laval
Master's Thesis: Collaboration entre les acteurs pour mieux utiliser la ressource forestière.
Director: Nadia Lehoux

Mona Roshani

Université Laval
Master's Thesis: University-Industry Collaborations and Open Innovation: Methodology for Creating Profitable Relationships.
Director: Nadia Lehoux

Natalie Hughes
Lakehead University
Master's Thesis:Modeling Uncertain Demand in Wood Pellet Supply Chains: A Case Study from Northern Ontario.
Director: Chander Shahi

Pegah Sohrabi

Dalhousie University
Master's Thesis: A Three-Stage Control Mechanism for the Lumber Production Process of a Sawmill Based on a Powers-of-Two Modelling Approach
Director: Eldon Gunn

Richard Mastragostino
McMaster University
Master's Thesis: Optimization-based Formulations for Operability Analysis and Control of Process Supply Chains
Director: Christopher Swartz

Shariful Islam

Dalhousie University
Master's Thesis: Order-Promising And Production-Planning Methods For Sawmills
Director: Eldon Gunn

Sina Saadatyar
Dalhousie University
Master's Thesis: Medium Term Production Planning and Campaign Scheduling for Sawmill
Director: Eldon Gunn

Tevfik Ziya Kuloglu
University of Alberta
Master's Thesis: Development of a Genetic Algorithm Model for a Multiple-Objective Forest Harvesting and Zonation Problem
Director: Glen Armstrong

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