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VCO Summer School 2013 - 1st FIBRE Conference

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VCO Summer School 2013
jointly with the 1st FIBRE Conference

The third edition of the VCO Summer School has been held on last May 17, at FPInnovations, in Pointe-Claire, under the theme "Competitiveness through Demand-Driven Value Chain".

This event was a great success, bringing together more than 50 participants into various activities: presentations, poster session and working groups. You can access the VCO Summer School 2013 content using the links below and the propositions made by each of the five working groups were:

  • Biomass and Biorefinery: set of means (e.g. web and face-to-face meetings, fieldtrip, new researchers support by ''older'' ones, keynote speakers) to strengthen the group members collaboration.

  • Manufacturing Systems and Upstream/Downstream Integration: testbed of a real sawmill (reference case for benchmark) for group members' experimentation.

  • Strategic Forest Planning and Design of Value Chains: half-day face-to-face meeting to continue the discussion on group members' synergies.

  • Collaboration and Transformative Strategy: technological platform for knowledge transfer and tools & services access to the Canadian forest sector actors.

  • Transportation and Logistics: contact point to industrial partners to access to decision makers for real problems, data to conduct case studies and feedback on developed solutions.

In addition, the 1st FIBRE Conférence FIBRE has been held from
May 13 to 16, 2013, at NAV Centre, Cornwall, ONBringing together more than 400 participants including researchers from more than 27 universities  as well as  industry, government and FPInnovations employees. this first edition was a great success. You can access to VCO collaborators presentations by using the link below.

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