Scientific poster contest – 2012 VCO Summer School


High quality scientific posters were presented by 24 students at the poster competition. Congratulations to Alvaro Gil, winner of the competition (outstanding poster), and also to Geraldine Gemieux (Best Ph.D. project), Louis Patrick Dansereau (Best Ph.D. project) and John Blair (Best M.Sc. Project). We would like to thank the members of the jury and our numerous partners for their generosity.



Alvaro Gil (project 2-3.5) Optimization of Sorting and Allocation Activities in Sawmills with Data-Mining Techniques and Agent-Based Modeling
Jean Blair (project 1.2)Policy and legislation to facilitate development of the bioeconomy in Canada
Juliana Kostrinsky (project 1.20)Incorporating compounded disturbance into forest harvest road and building planning
Momen Elleuch (project 2-3.2)Collaboration between Partners to Better Use Wood Fibre
Richard Mastragostino (project 2-3.4)Operability Considerations in Process Supply Chain Design for Forest Industry Transformations
Mona Roschani (project 2-3.8)Analysing the Impact of Open Innovation in University-Industry Collaboration
Natalie Hughes (project 4.7)Developing a Framework to Model the Market-Driven, Real-Time Production Planning and Management of the Wood Pellet Industry in Ontario
Pegah Sohrabi
Sina Saadatyar
A Novel Algorithm for Optimizing Cutting Patterns to Create Lumber from a Certain Class of Logs in Sawmill
Sina Saadatyar (project 2-3.6)A Bi-Level Approach to the Sawmill Price Setting Problem
Pegah SohrabiControl Strategies of Lumber Production Process in Sawmills Based on a “Powers of Two” Approach
Shaima TiloucheUse of Knowledge Management to Better Align Forestry a Mathematical Procurement Model with Industrial Process
Mohsen ArabiTactical Planning with FPInterface, Optitek and LogiOpt for Value Chain Optimization
Zishan ShahPartnerships and Value Chains for Lignin-based Biorefineries A Case Study Approach




GĂ©raldine Gemieux Demand-Driven Harvest Scheduling: a Column Generation Approach
Louis-Patrick DansereauValue Chain Planning in the Forest Biorefinery – Margins-Based Approach
Cedric Diffo (project 1.3)
Product portfolio selection in the definition of business plans for the Forest Biorefinery

Marie-Philippe Naud (project 2-3.1)Building a Shared-Value Park Model to Develop Efficient Business Model for Bio-Refining in the Forest Sector
Behrang Mansoornejad (project 2-3.13)Supply chain analysis of biorefinery implementation strategies
Jose Melendez (project 2-3.10)Optimizing the Biomass Procurement Supply Chain for the Forest Biorefinery Value Chain
Rezvan Rafiei (project 4.3)Demand-driven Wood Remanufacturing Industry: Proposing a Planning Model and Evaluating Re-planning Policies in a Real-scale Application 
Shariful Islam (project 4.1)Two New Approaches of Tree Bucking & A Supply Chain Management Network for the Bucked Tree Using Model Predictive Control 
Francisco Vergara (project 4.6)Influence of timber grade uncertainty in forest tactical decision making  
Sanjay Dominik JenaOptimal Location of Logging Camps
Mahdi MachaniA Decision-support Tool for Evaluating the Technical and Economic Potential of Integrating Bioenergy Production within Pulp and Paper Mills 



Rhiad Azouzi (projet 5.1WP) 
Information and Knowledge Sharing in the Collaborative Design of Planning Systems within the Forest Products Industry: Survey, Framework & Roadmap