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VCO Summer School 2014 - Scientific Posters Contest

High quality scientific posters were presented by 31 students and research professionals during the scientific poster contest. Congratulations to Tasseda Boukherroub and Han Wang  both winner of the "Outstanding Poster Award" category, Ă  Azadeh Mobtaker winner of the "Poster Public Award" categoryand also to Gregory Rix et Jonathan Ruppert both winner of the "Best Poster Project" category. We would like to thank the members of the jury and our numerous partners for their generosity. 


Alexandre CarrierIntegrating transportation planning, inventory and loader scheduling
Han WangOperability Analysis Frameworks for Forest Product Supply Chains
Melika RouhafzaOptimization Modeling of the Sort-Yard Location Problem
Achille-Benjamin LaurentEnvironmental Life Cycle Assessment and Cost Analysis of Logging Company’s Basket of Forest Products
Amine AmroussReal-time transportation and logistics systems planning and control in forestry
Anis KadriStrategic and tactical multimodal network design in the Forest Industry
Azadeh MobtakerSelection of Harvest Areas and Wood Allocation Problem - Multi-objective Optimization and Collaborative Approaches
Baburam RijalImpact of Forest Fire on Timber Supply  Planning: A long- and short- term prospectives
Sanzida Baten
Does Biomass Based Electricity Benefit Local Communities? : A Case Study from the Atikokan, Northwestern Ontario
CĂ©dric DiffoBusiness Plan Definition of Forest Biorefinery Alternatives: Case-Study of Lignin-Based Biorefinery in a kraft Pulp Mill
Flor de Maria
Robles Barreto
What future for the forest industry in Quebec?
Foroogh AbasianRobust Network Design for Forest Biorefinery Value Chain – decisions support systems for the transformation of the Canadian forest industry
GĂ©raldine GĂ©mieuxA Heuristic Approach for a Tactical Harvest Planning Problem under Market Price Uncertainty A Chilean Case Study
Gregory ParadisExtending a Wood Supply Model to Anticipate Industrial Fibre Consumption Behaviour
Gregory RixDock and Driver Scheduling in a Timber Transport Supply Chain
Kamel MoadCollaborative management of supply chains in forest-wood
Marie-Philippe NaudBuilding a Shared-Value Park Model to Develop Efficient Business Model for Bio-Refining in the Forest Sector
Mehdi PiltanSuccess factors for partnerships in the forest products value chains
Narges SereshtiCapacity planning in forest industry network
Nader NaderializadehOptimization Modeling of the Sort-Yard Location Problem
Sanei Bajgiran
A Lagrangean relaxation heuristic algorithm for integrated lumber supply chain tactical planning
Rezvan RafieiAdvanced Production Planning in a Wood Remanufacturing Mill with Uncontrollable Environment
Roberto I.
Hernandez Villareal
Social Life Cycle Assessment of products as a tool for Corporate Social Responsibility  in the forest sector
O. Adetiloye
Three-Dimensional Truck Loading Problem with Routing Constraints, Application to the Lumber Wood and Moulding Industry
Bedarul AlamCost saving by using integral road-rail network in modelling large volume woody biomass supply chain for the production of bioenergy, biofuels and/or biochemicals
Jonathan RuppertCan woodland caribou and timber production coexist on the flammable boreal forest landscape?
Nicolas MansuyHarvesting sustainable feedstock after forest fires: Where, when, and how much volume is profitable economically and ecologically? A case study in Eastern Canada – NRCan
Tasseda BoukherroubA Fiber Allocation Decision Process for Maximizing the Sustainable Value of the Public Forest Resource
Wei-Yew ChangMatching Market Signals to the Canadian Wood Products Markets: a Disaggregated Trade Flow Analysis
Hakim OuzennouDesign of advanced strategic optimization tools for large-scale joint optimization of forest treatment, landscape management and markets
Using a tactical planning model to estimate future sawmill results
Mona RoshaniUnified Modelling Framework for Forest Products Supply Chains
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