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École d'été VCO 2015 - Compétition d'affiches scientifiques

Affiches scientifiques | Ă‰cole d'Ă©tĂ© VCO 2015 

Catégorie étudiants à la maîtrise

Louis-Alexandre Lapointe-Pelletier

Simulation of Wood Chips Transport

Mahsa Mojahednia

Assessing the impact of policies and regulations on timber supply: A British Columbia case study

Rhita Ouliz

Predicting spatial variability in the available residual forest biomass using machine learning techniques

Catégorie étudiants au doctorat

Amine Amrouss

Real-Time Transportation in Forestry

Anis Kadri

Strategic and Operational Multimodal Network Models in the Forest Industry

Azadeh Mobtaker

Selection of Harvest Areas and Wood Allocation Problem – Multi-objective Optimization and Collaborative Approaches

Baburam Rijal

Mitigations strategies interact effectively to reduce the impact of considering fire in timber supply calculations

CĂ©dric Diffo TĂ©guia

Techno-Economic Analysis of Lignin-based Biorefinery Strategies implemented within a Kraft Pulp mill

Claudia Cambero

Design of environmentally and socially conscious supply chains for forest biomass utilization

Dieudonné Romaric Batsy

Policy instruments and Their Impacts on Forest Biorefinery Strategies

Foroogh Abasian

Design of a forest biomass value chain under uncertainty

François Sarrazin

Towards a regional logistical center: design and management

Maria Anna Huka

Model and solution method for an integrated value chain problem for sawmills

Marta Trzcianoswka

Wood yard design methodology for improved supply chain performance

Mehdi Piltan

A Decision Support Model for Partnership Performance Evaluation and Improvement in The Forest Products Value Chains

Narges Sereshti

Capacity Expansion in an Integrated Forest Value Chain

Omid Sanei Bajgiran

Lumber supply chain tactical planning under uncertain demand and supply

Stéphanie Jean

Methodology for the economic and environmental assessment of the biorefinery using disturbed wood

Catégorie étudiants postdoctoraux

Wei-Yew Chang

A Trade-Flow Analysis of the Global Softwood Log Market: Implications of Russian Timber Export Tax Reduction and New Zealand’s Timber Production Restriction

Catégorie professionnels de recherche

Lyes Bennamoun

Economic and energetic assessment of woody biomass during storage: case study of New Brunswick

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