Poster session

École d'été VCO 2014 - Compétition d'affiches scientifiques

Des affiches de très haute qualitĂ© ont Ă©tĂ© prĂ©sentĂ©es par 31 Ă©tudiants et professionnels de recherche lors de la compĂ©tition d'affiche scientifiques. FĂ©licitations Ă  Tasseda Boukherroub et Han Wang toutes deux gagnantes de la catĂ©gorie "Outstanding Poster", Ă  Azadeh Mobtaker gagnante de la catĂ©gorie "Poster Public Award" et finalement Ă  Gregory Rix et Jonathan Ruppert tout deux gagnants dans la catĂ©gorie "Best Project Poster". Nous remercions les membres du jury ainsi que les diffĂ©rents partenaires pour leur gĂ©nĂ©rositĂ©.


Alexandre CarrierIntegrating transportation planning, inventory and loader scheduling
Han WangOperability Analysis Frameworks for Forest Product Supply Chains
Melika RouhafzaOptimization Modeling of the Sort-Yard Location Problem
Achille-Benjamin LaurentEnvironmental Life Cycle Assessment and Cost Analysis of Logging Company’s Basket of Forest Products
Amine AmroussReal-time transportation and logistics systems planning and control in forestry
Anis KadriStrategic and tactical multimodal network design in the Forest Industry
Azadeh MobtakerSelection of Harvest Areas and Wood Allocation Problem - Multi-objective Optimization and Collaborative Approaches
Baburam RijalImpact of Forest Fire on Timber Supply  Planning: A long- and short- term prospectives
Sanzida Baten
Does Biomass Based Electricity Benefit Local Communities? : A Case Study from the Atikokan, Northwestern Ontario
CĂ©dric DiffoBusiness Plan Definition of Forest Biorefinery Alternatives: Case-Study of Lignin-Based Biorefinery in a kraft Pulp Mill
Flor de Maria
Robles Barreto
What future for the forest industry in Quebec?
Foroogh AbasianRobust Network Design for Forest Biorefinery Value Chain – decisions support systems for the transformation of the Canadian forest industry
GĂ©raldine GĂ©mieuxA Heuristic Approach for a Tactical Harvest Planning Problem under Market Price Uncertainty A Chilean Case Study
Gregory ParadisExtending a Wood Supply Model to Anticipate Industrial Fibre Consumption Behaviour
Gregory RixDock and Driver Scheduling in a Timber Transport Supply Chain
Kamel MoadCollaborative management of supply chains in forest-wood
Marie-Philippe NaudBuilding a Shared-Value Park Model to Develop Efficient Business Model for Bio-Refining in the Forest Sector
Mehdi PiltanSuccess factors for partnerships in the forest products value chains
Narges SereshtiCapacity planning in forest industry network
Nader NaderializadehOptimization Modeling of the Sort-Yard Location Problem
Sanei Bajgiran
A Lagrangean relaxation heuristic algorithm for integrated lumber supply chain tactical planning
Rezvan RafieiAdvanced Production Planning in a Wood Remanufacturing Mill with Uncontrollable Environment
Roberto I.
Hernandez Villareal
Social Life Cycle Assessment of products as a tool for Corporate Social Responsibility  in the forest sector
O. Adetiloye
Three-Dimensional Truck Loading Problem with Routing Constraints, Application to the Lumber Wood and Moulding Industry
Bedarul AlamCost saving by using integral road-rail network in modelling large volume woody biomass supply chain for the production of bioenergy, biofuels and/or biochemicals
Jonathan RuppertCan woodland caribou and timber production coexist on the flammable boreal forest landscape?
Nicolas MansuyHarvesting sustainable feedstock after forest fires: Where, when, and how much volume is profitable economically and ecologically? A case study in Eastern Canada – NRCan
Tasseda BoukherroubA Fiber Allocation Decision Process for Maximizing the Sustainable Value of the Public Forest Resource
Wei-Yew ChangMatching Market Signals to the Canadian Wood Products Markets: a Disaggregated Trade Flow Analysis
Hakim OuzennouDesign of advanced strategic optimization tools for large-scale joint optimization of forest treatment, landscape management and markets
Using a tactical planning model to estimate future sawmill results
Mona RoshaniUnified Modelling Framework for Forest Products Supply Chains
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