Workshop's Program and Presentations

OR in Forestry Cluster, during the "56th Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) Conference"
Ottawa, Ontario, May 26 to 28, 2014.

Organizing Committee:

  • Mikeal Rönnqvist, Forestry Cluster Chair of 56th CORS Annual Conference
  • Jean-François Audy, President of the CORS Forestry Special Interest Group
Day 1 AM - Monday May 26 2014

Forest Management Planning
Chair: Luc Lebel

A fiber allocation decision process for maximizing socio-economic and ecological benefits from public forest resources
Tasseda Boukherroub, Luc Lebel and Angel Ruiz
Integrating silvicultural decision at the operational level to improve supply chain performance
Shuva Gautam, Luc LeBel and Daniel Beaudoin
OR Applications in Forestry
Chair: Mikael Rönnqvist
A heuristic approach for a tactical harvest planning problem under market price uncertainty
Géraldine Gemieux, Jacques A. Ferland, Bernard Gendron and Andres Weintraub
The selection of harvest areas and wood allocation problem – Multi-objective optimization
Azadeh Mobtaker, Mustapha Ouhimmou, Mikael Rönnqvist and Marc Paquet

A hybrid constraint programming approach to a wood procurement problem with bucking decisions
Louis-Martin Rousseau and Jean-Marc Frayret

Day 1 PM- Monday May 26 2014
David Martell Student Prize in Forestry - Finalist Presentation
Chair: Jean François Audy
On the risk of systematic drift under incoherent hierarchical forest management planningaOn the risk of systematic drift under incoherent hierarchical forest management planning
Gregory E. Paradis, Luc LeBel and Mathieu Bouchard
A periodic re-planning approach for demand-driven wood remanufacturing industry: a real-scale application
Rezvan Rafiei, Mustapha Nourelfath and Luis-Antonio de Santa-Eulalia
Modeling and solving a logging camp location problem
Sanjay Dominik Jena, Jean-François Cordeau and Bernard Gendron
VCO Workshop: Tutorial on the Challenges and Experiences in Implementing OR to Solve Industrial Problems in Forest Value Chain
Chair: Jean-François Audy
Challenges and experiences in implementing OR to solve industrial problems in forest value chain
Mikael Frisk, Patrick Flisberg and Mikael Rönnqvist
OMNR Experience with OR
Dirk Kloss
Experiences and challenges in implementing OR in the Can. forest prod. indus.– an FPI perspective
Catalin Ristea
When is optimal good enough?
Mikael Rönnqvist
Day 2 AM- Tuesday May 27 2014
Sessions en parallèles
OR in the Forest Products Sector
Chair: Mustapha Ouhimmou
Advanced prod. planning in a wood remanufacturing mill with uncontrollable environment
Rezvan Rafiei, Luis Antonio de Santa Eulalia, Mustapha Nourelfath and Jonathan Gaudreault
Accelerated Lagrangean relaxation and time decomposition algorithms for lumber supply chain
Omid Sanei Bajgiran, Mustapha Nourelfath and Masoumeh Kazemi Zanjani
Models and Mathematical Decomposition for Large-Scale Location Problems in the Forestry Sector
Sanjay Dominik Jena, Bernard Gendron and Jean-François Cordeau
Forest Fire Management and Supply Chain Analysis
Chair: David Martell
Flexibility analysis of forest product supply chains
Han Wang and Christopher L. E. Swartz
A simple framework for examining capacity issues in the forest industry
Eldon Gunn
The use of GPS data to estimate forest fire detection probabilities
David Martell, Colin McFayden and Robin Santiago
Forest Management Planning under Uncertainty
Chair: Gregory Paradis
Optimization of Forest Management in British Columbia
G. Cornelis van Kooten and Baojing Sun
Integrated inventory management model for forest industry supply chain with supply uncertainties
Shashi Shahi and Reino E. Pulkki

Extending a Wood Supply Model to Anticipate Industrial Fibre Consumption Behaviour
Gregory E. Paradis, Mathieu Bouchard, Luc LeBel and Sophie D'Amours

Day 2 PM - Tuesday May 27 2014

VCO Workshop: Industrial Problems Presentation and Discussion Session
Chair: Mikael Rönnqvist

The 3D truck loading problem with routing constraints application to the lumber industry
Taiwo Adetiloye, Satyaveer Singh Chauhan
Real-Time Transportation Planning
Amine Amrouss

Supplying a Sustainable Future
Gregory E. Paradis

Management of Forest Bioenery Value Chains
Chair: Taraneh Sowlati
Integrated bioenergy and biofuel production from forest biomass: optimal design of the supply chain
Taraneh Sowlati and Claudia A. Cambero
Development and implementation of ROLOS for bioenergy supply chain planning
Saeed Ghafghazi, Sean Pledger, Warren Mabee and Gary Bull
Strategic planning of regional sustainable forest bioenergy supply chain
Yan Feng, Sophie D'Amours, Luc LeBel and Mustapha Nourelfath
Day 3 AM - Wednesday May 28 2014
Transportation and Wood Handling - Partie 1
Chair: Jean-François Audy
The influence of sawmill supplier contracts on ship transportation cost and fleet size
Fattane Nadimi, Gary Bull and John Nelson
Dock and Driver Scheduling in a Timber Supply Chain
Gregory Rix, Louis-Martin Rousseau and Gilles Pesant
Educational Game in Transportation Planning
Foroogh Abasian, Maxence Adam, Jean-Gabriel Gill-Couture, Philippe Marier and Mikael Rönnqvist
Transportation and Wood Handling - Partie 2
Chair: Bernard Gendron
Real-Time Transportation and Logistics Systems Planning and Control
Amine Amrouss, Bernard Gendron and Michel Gendreau
Conception and Management of Multimodal Network for Forest Transportation
Anis Kadri
Some Experiences in Testing DSS enabling Interfim Collaboration in Forest Transportation
Jean-François Audy, Riadh Azouzi, Sophie D'Amours, Philippe Marier and François Sarrazin