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Appel au contributions

Special Issue of Socio-Economic Planning Sciences:
Sustainable development issues in natural resource industries
Guest Editors: Jean-Marc Frayret & Michel Gamache, École Polytechnique de Montréal

Socio-Economic Planning Sciences will publish a special issue on Sustainable development issues in natural resource industries. The goal of this special issue is to compile state-of-the art research, spanning modeling, theory, empirical studies, application and case studies in this emerging and rich research area. They seek operations research oriented contributions that are rigorously executed, clearly and succinctly written, and innovative relative to what is currently known. In light of the scope of SEPS, all papers must clearly demonstrate the relevance of their contributions with respect to the public sector.
Below is a sample list of topics that are within the scope of this special issue:

  • Allocation planning of public natural resources
    (e.g., timber auctions; forest tactical planning)

  • Strategic development planning of public natural resources
    (e.g., fisheries long-term planning, forest strategic planning)

  • Ecosystemic management of industrialized resources
    (e.g., ethical and sustainable utilization)

  • Alternative sustainable utilization of public natural resource
    (e.g., bio-refineries)

  • Natural site recovery planning after industrial exploitation
    (e.g., mining)

The guest editors are certainly open to manuscripts that study other topics pertaining to natural resources. From a methodology perspective, the special issue welcomes not only applications of operations research techniques, but also state of the art simulation models including discrete event simulation, agent-based simulation as well as multi-criteria analysis.

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically via the Elsevier Editorial System (EES) You must select Natural Resource Industries as the Article Type to make sure that your paper will be considered for the special issue. The submission deadline is November 1, 2013. The plan is to publish the special issue in early 2015. Researchers from all relevant disciplines are invited to consider this special issue as an outlet to publish their quality work on this topic of increasing significance. Inquiries on the special issue can be directed to the guest editors,  and

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