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Appel pour trouver des conférenciers (en anglais seulement)
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Webinars are intended to highlight VCO researchers/collaborators’ results by communicating them to VCO Network members (academia, industry, government, FPInnovations) in particular, and beyond, to the research & professional community in the field of VCO.. Attending webinars is free of charge and open to all. Webinars provide an introduction (overview) to specific research work and allow speakers to disseminate, discuss and get feedback on their work. For both the winter (January-April) and fall (September-December) semester, four webinars are planned to be scheduled. Each semestrial schedule will be circulated through the mailing list, website, newsletter and LinkedIn group of the VCO Network.


  • 20 minute presentation, followed by a 10 minute question period.
  • Webinars use a web-based conference application (Adobe Connect Pro) to display visual content and the telephone (voice). Speakers will be able to do a trial test prior to their webinar.
  • Webinars will be recorded (unless the speaker wishes not to do so) to allow VCO members who cannot attend to view them offline.
  • Advanced scientific/technical language, list of equations and over detailed figures/tables should be avoided in order to remain easily understood by the non-specialist attendee, having basic knowledge of the Canadian forest products industry.
  • Considering the broad target audience of webinars, emphasis should be on the problem of the study, the research question(s), the main results/key findings and a discussion on the significance of the results. The core sections strongly suggested are:


State the objectives/purpose of the work (i.e. research question(s) and problem).


A very short overview (basic information) of the main components/steps of the methodology. If applicable, a brief description of the case study and the involvement of the partner(s).

Webinars are results-focused; therefore speakers should avoid spending more than 20% of the presentation time on the methodology.


A clear and concise description of the main results/key findings.


This section should explore the significance of the results of your work, not repeat them. Relevance to practice and impacts on the Canadian forest industry and/or involved partner(s) should be discussed.

Webinars are results-focused, therefore the sections Results and Discussion combined, should represent at least half of the presentation time.


The main conclusions (takeaway message) of the work and, where appropriate, indicate 1-3 possible research orientations for future developments.


If you need more information or wish to indicate your interest in this regard, please contact the VCO Network Liaison Manager at: jean-francois.audy@cirrelt.ca