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Releasing of the VCO 4th Edition - Special Summer School 2014

We are pleased to announce the releasing of VCO Newsletter 4th Edition edited by Baburam Rijal, Ph.D. student at Université Laval.

Please click here to access this issue as well as the full list of available issues.

Fall 2014 - Webinar Program 

Click here to access.

The next webinar will be held on Wednesday October 22, from 1:30 to 02:00 PM (Eastern Time Zone)This presentation "NSERC VCO Network Transfer Projects with FPInnovations" will be given by Ms. Yu Li, researcher at FPInnovations. 

This presentation highlights the results of VCO transfer project realized in collaboration with FPInnovations.

Looking forward to meet many of you there !

Publication Announcement

We are pleased to announce the new publication entitled â€śOptimisation” (french version only) by Nicolas Mansuy, VCO Associate Student (UniversitĂ© Laval et NRCAN), in the Magazine des OpĂ©rations Forestières.

To access this article, please click here.



Publication Announcement

We are pleased to announce the new publication entitled “Matching market signals to the Canadian wood products value chain” by Professor Chris Gaston (UBC and FPInnovations), in UBC BranchLines Vol 25.2.

To access this article, please click here


2nd FIBRE Conference - May 12 to 15 2014, UBC
Content now available

The 2nd Conférence FIBRE has been held from May 12 to 15 2014, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. The VCO network has been well represented this year again with about twenty collaborators on site (researchers, members of management committees and partners).

To access the final program, the PDF version of scientific posters presented by the VCO network and abstracts of all posters presented at the conference, please click here.

VCO Summer School 2014

The 4th VCO Summer School has been held from June 11 to 13, at Dalhousie University, in Halifax under the theme "Defining a Service Offer in Value Chain Optimization". This year, we welcomed three keynote speakers, a scientific poster competition has been held, a real-case study has been presented and a one-day field-trip.

For more information or accessing the final program, you can visit the VCO Summer School 2014 webpage. Please note that the page will be update soon.

Presentation and report of the last VCO Workshop held during "Forest Sector Modeling Conference 2013" now available!

The program, the presentation (PDF format) and the report of VCO Workshop "Linking International Forest Value Chain Modeling Efforts" hold during "Forest Sector Modeling Conference 2013" on October 17, 2013, Rica Victoria Hotel, Lillehammer, Norway are now available !

> Program and presentation
> Report

Call for International or Interuniversity Internship
(Grant Program)

The VCO Network is relying on the valuable contributions of a national research community of more than 34 principal investigators and 40 Master’s/PhD students & Postdoctoral fellows (PDF) from 15 Canadian universities. Through the funding of VCO student/PDF internships, this grant program aims to foster research collaboration with researchers abroad or VCO researchers located in another Canadian university.

For a complete description and application form, click here.

Call for Associate Students (Grant Program)

The VCO Network aims to be inclusive with the whole research community in the field of VCO applied to forest bioeconomy networks. A Grant Program for Associate Students is now open for submissions. This grant aims to support students not funded by the VCO Network to take part in the VCO Network’s activities, mainly the Summer School, workshops and FIBRE activities.

For a complete description and application form, see the Call for Associate Students.

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