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Prevent Startup Pitfalls While Starting A Company!

While starting a company, it’s wise to take care of the threat of management by considering all the obstacles on the path that could seriously harm the startup even before it’s started. Either one of these can damage your newest business project and can lead to a disaster instead of triumph.

start up companies

The start up companies of all competent business leaders move to smart decisions and knowledge of the errors made and, thus, the complete understanding of the dangers along with effects of the approaches adopted.

As per a recent study by Entrepreneur, more than 50% of start up companies do struggle during their first four years of operation.

There is a list of common errors drawn for the new start up companies from the perspective of the EFM Development Partners, each of whom identified and fixed the below startup issues during their company advisory careers.

start up companies
  • Not having enough money

 The liquidity of cash can devastate the significant companies, and inadequate financial planning, optimistic sales projections, and excessive spending could play a role. 95% of companies will not earn money when they are as start up companies, and even a proportion of new companies will not make good money for a long time to come. It means that you must have resources to live until your new company is set up, and enough capital for the company to thrive and expand. It is a severe business error not to have the financial services accessible to do so before you begin your small company.

  • Unsuitable concept

If your new investment is supposed to be profitable, you need to understand what you’re planning on selling or why you’re selling “Your Business strategy” or your Special Selling Proposition appropriately. The query that the USP replies to your client base is, “That is why you should purchase from me rather than with those who are in competing with me.” The trap is that the USP should also supply your potential buyers with a particular benefit, which they see as appealing. It is not sufficient to claim that your commodity or service is “good” or “more desirable.”

start up companies
  • No Advertising Investment

 Holding the friendly advice “Build it and they’ll come” is another severe business error. Where are you coming to? Why? Why? Absence of any effective marketing, nobody will recognize. Minor businesses are hesitant to spend resources on advertising, let alone a large amount of money. Free promotion can be fantastic. However, most free advertising techniques require a considerable amount of time once they become successful.

  • Disregarding the innovations of your competitors

 Not focusing on your opponent’s business activities is another possible deadly business blunder. Another dimension of competition that you need to consider is market congestion. The pie is now so tall, so to speak, for every good or service. So, for example, if you want to start a fast food place business, there might be no “space” available in your local community to do so regardless of the variety of restaurants that already operate; the market has already been “saturated” with such business. It’s all about when you have something different or creative enough to get consumers involved.